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Man’s Worldly Goods

The Story of the Wealth of Nations

Man's Worldly Goods

Paperback, 348 pages
ISBN: 0-85345-070-6
Released: January 1936

Price: $20.00
eBook: $17.00 (EPUB & Mobi)

“The most successful attempt to date to humanize the Dismal Science and link the history of man to the history of economic theory.” —The New Yorker

Leo Huberman (1903-1968) was a founding editor of Monthly Review, as well as an author, journalist, pamphleteer, and organizer. He was the chair of the Department of Social Science at New College, Columbia; labor editor of the newspaper PM; Educational Director of the National Maritime Union; and the author of Man’s Wordly Goods and We, The People, in addition to many other books and articles.