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There Hasn’t Been a Day in My Life When I Haven’t Learned Something

Published December 27, 2007

(to the Cuban National Assembly, December 28, 2007)… | more |

Comrades of the National Assembly:… | more |

You have no easy task on your hands…… | more |

Fidel’s message to the Roundtable

Published December 17, 2007

I listened to the entire “Roundtable” program on Thursday the 13th without missing a single second of it. The news about the Bali Conference highlighted by Rogelio Polanco, editor-in-chief of Juventud Rebelde, confirms the importance of the international agreements and why they must be taken very seriously.… | more |

Antonio Maceo: The Bronze Titan

Published December 7, 2007

I am indebted to him. Yesterday marked another anniversary of his physical death. There are over forty different versions of how it occurred, but all coincide on several details that are of great interest.… | more |