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Message from Fidel to Chávez

Published February 15, 2009

Congratulations to you and your people for a victory which, because of its magnitude, is impossible to measure.… | more |

The Heights of the Ridiculous

Published February 14, 2009

Oh, I’m so scared! I just about died when I read the statements made by the U.D.I (Independent Democratic Union).… | more |

Chávez’ Article

Published February 13, 2009

It was 2006. I was really very ill but very much aware of what was happening. During those days around the middle of September, the XIV NAM Summit where Cuba was elected to the Presidency was ending. I could barely sit up and take my place at a table. That’s how I received some important heads of state or government. The Prime Minister of India was among them. The highest ranking visitor I received in that emergency room in the Presidential Palace was the Ghanaian Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, who a few days later would be ending his mandate.… | more |

Swan Song of the Rich

Published February 13, 2009

The Chilean oligarchs tore their cloths at the visit of President Michelle Bachelet to Cuba.… | more |

A Meeting with Michelle Bachelet, the President of Chile

Published February 12, 2009

It doesn’t matter what I say about the friendly meeting, some news agencies and papers will take the information and will print that the old man, convalescing after a serious illness or some other description directed towards reducing the modest value of whatever I expressed to my prestigious interlocutor.… | more |

Rahm Emanuel

Published February 8, 2009

What a strange surname! It appears Spanish, easy to pronounce, but it’s not. Never in my life have I heard or read about any student or compatriot with that name, among tens of thousands.… | more |

The immediate response

Published February 5, 2009

The response came barely a few hours later. Rahm Emmanuel, the White House chief of staff, spoke. It is of no importance that he failed to mention my modest Reflection. What is important is the response.… | more |

Contradictions between Obama’s politics and ethics

Published February 4, 2009

The other day I noted some of Obama’s ideas that point to his role within a system that is the negation of every just principle.… | more |