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More news about the agonies of capitalism

Today I read the cables from March 11th. They were continuing to rain information about the international economic crisis.… | more |

The agonies of developed capitalism

Last Monday the 9th, like all the others, was a marvellous day in terms of the contradictions of developed capitalism in the midst of its incurable crisis.… | more |

Fair and constructive criticism

I am trying to follow the events of the Baseball Classic, thanks to our national television services.… | more |

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A meeting that was worth it

At the end of the Globalization and Development event, with the presences of more than 1,500 economists, outstanding scientific figures and representatives of international organizations meeting in Havana, I received a letter and a document from Atilio Boron, a Doctor of Political Science, senior professor of political and social theory, director of the Latin American Program for correspondence courses in the social sciences – PLED, as well as other important scientific and political responsibilities.… | more |

Healthy changes within the Council of Ministers

In response to changes made within the executive, certain news agencies are throwing up their hands in horror.… | more |

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