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Reflections of Fidel

The Empire and Drugs

WHEN I was detained in Mexico by the Federal Security Police who, by pure chance became suspicious of certain movements of ours, despite the fact that we were making them with maximum care in order to avoid being snatched by the killer hand of Batista – like Machado did in Mexico when his agents assassinated Julio Antonio Mella in that country’s capital on January 10, 1929 – that agency thought that it concerned one of the smuggling organizations acting illegally on the border of that poor country in its commercial exchanges with the strong neighboring power, industrialized and rich. | more…

The historic significance of the death of Martí

Abstracting myself from the problems currently distressing humanity, our homeland had the privilege of being the cradle of one of the most exceptional thinkers to have been born in this hemisphere: José Martí.

Tomorrow, May 19th, is the 115th anniversary of his glorious death.

The magnitude of his grandeur would be impossible to assess without taking into account that those with whom he penned the drama of his life were also exceptional figures, such as Antonio Maceo, perennial symbol of the revolutionary resoluteness that led the Baraguá Protest, and Máximo Gómez, the Dominican internationalist, who taught the Cuban combatants in the two wars of independence in which

The Hateful Tyranny Imposed on the Third World


The painful reality should not come as a surprise to anyone. It could be seen rapidly advancing in the past few decades, at such a pace as it is hard to imagine.

Does it mean that Obama is the promoter of this threat or that he is responsible for it? No, it simply shows that he ignores reality and that he neither wants to go beyond it nor could he. He’d rather dream of unreal things in an unreal world. As a brilliant poet put it: “Ideas with no words; words with no meaning.” | more…