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Book Party with The People's Lawyer author Albert Ruben, NYC

Monthly Review Press

with Michael Ratner and Karen Ranucci

invite you to a special event celebrating the publication of

The People’s Lawyer

The Center for Constitutional Rights

and the Fight for Social Justice,

From Civil Rights to Guantánamo

by Albert Ruben

Thursday, December 8, 6:30pm to 8:30pm

New York City

wine and hors d’oeuvres will be served

RSVP Required / Limited Space

please call (212) 691-2555 or email scott[at]

for address and more information

From the civil rights era to today’s battles over torture and imprisonment at Guantánamo Bay, the Center for Constitutional Rights has fought—and continues to fight—for the rights of the powerless and the oppressed, against insuperable odds. Albert Ruben’s history of CCR brings these struggles to life, from the founding of this scrappy people’s law firm in the 1960s to its vital role at the forefront of today’s crucial fights against injustice. Throughout, CCR lost none of its fighting spirit, audacity, courage, and politics. If you want to understand how a progressive organization can survive for decades, take on a hostile government, and remain honest to its values, read this book.

—Amy Goodman, Democracy Now!

The Center for Constitutional Rights has played a leading role in some of the most significant courtroom battles of the last half-century, defending rights critical to us all. Here, finally, is a book that relates their important history and reminds us why it matters.

—Danny Glover, actor and activist

This lively and highly-informed account of the Center for Constitutional Rights will inspire anyone devoted to the defense of civil liberties and the promotion of social justice. Albert Ruben tells a great story, and this is one we need to hear now more than ever.

—Anthony D. Romero, Executive Director,

American Civil Liberties Union

Albert Ruben’s chronicle of CCR’s origins and work is compelling and valuable. The values, lives, and work of CCR’s founders have much to teach us, and CCR’s continued leadership in the struggle for human rights inspires us. Al has been involved in these issues for decades, and his book brings a unique perspective.

—Michael E. Tigar, Professor Emeritus,

Duke Law School & Washington College of Law

Albert Ruben is a screen and television writer and has served as an officer of the Writers Guild of America East.

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