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China’s socialist model: Continuously producing new Marxists (Zhun Xu speaks at The People’s Forum NYC)

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This week, The People’s Forum in New York City hosted the Qiao Collective’s conference, “China and the Left: A Socialist Forum.” Zhun Xu, author of From Commune to Capitalism: How China’s Peasants Lost Collective Farming and Gained Urban Poverty, spoke alongside Chris Matlhako, Elias Khalil Jabbour, and Bikrum Gill on a panel titled, “Political Economies of Chinese Socialism.”

“Rhetoric has consequences, and generations of new students learn Marxism – from school, at an early age. And we know, from experience, it is practically impossible to fully reconcile Marxism, even a vulgarized version, with the realities of capitalism.”

While “there was virtually no left in China in the ’80s…The particular China model we see now, the Chinese socialist model – it continuously produces new Marxists.

Watch Zhun Xu below, or at The People’s Forum NYC

From Commune to Capitalism: How China's Peasants Lost Collective Farming and Gained Urban Poverty

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