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“Vivid, incisive”: Counterfire reviews The Syriza Wave


The Syriza Wave: Surging and Crashing with the Greek Left
248 pp, $26 pbk, ISBN 9781583676257
By Helena Sheehan

Reviewed by Peter Stäuber

“‘You hold your nose, you take it,’ said Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras in a recent interview with The Guardian. ‘You know that there is no other way.’ He was referring to his astonishing volte-face in summer 2015: a few months after being elected prime minister of Greece thanks to Syriza’s opposition to the EU’s austerity drive and refusal to grant debt relief, he suddenly caved in to the pressure from Brussels and imposed a harsh programme of spending cuts and privatisations: the very policies that he had so vehemently denounced in the years before, making him one of the most popular figures on the European left….”

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