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“What does it mean to smash the state?”: Leo Panitch interviewed by LeftEast

Socialist Register 2017: Rethinking Revolution

Leo Panitch, Canada Research Chair in Comparative Political Economy and Distinguished Research Professor of Political Science at York University, has also been an editor of The Socialist Register for 25 years. With Greg Albo, Panitch edited the 2017 edition of SR, Rethinking Revolution. During a recent trip to Belgrade, Panitch was interviewed by the Serbian left-wing portal, MAŠINA. The Eastern European platform, LeftEast, translated the conversation from Serbian into English:

Q: Would you publicly declare yourself to be a socialist?
A: Definitely.
Q: Why?
A: That’s a hard question to answer. In terms of the irrationality, chaos and inequality of capitalism, which becomes more irrational, more chaotic, more unequal with every passing hour, it’s hard to be a humane person and not to be a socialist…”

Read the entire interview in LeftEast

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