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Monthly Review Volume 36, Number 5 (October 1984) [PDF]


Contents of Volume 36, Number 5

  • Notes from the Editors
  • Review of the Month: From “Growth” to “Basic Needs“: The Evolution of Development Theory by Ibrahim M. Sameter
  • Brave New Corporate World: An Assessment of Industrial Policy by Richard McIntyre and Michael Hillard
  • Loyola, Lenin, and the Road to Liberation by Ludo Abicht
  • Correspondence:
    • Marxism and Christianity by Terry Brown
    • The Vatican and the Left by Charles J. Coe
      —Martin J. Livney
      —Charles Douglas Lewis
      —Carl Marzani
  • Books:
    • Modes of Production and Class Struggle by Samir Amin
    • Capitalism’s Contradictory History by Leften S. Stavrianos

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