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Monthly Review Volume 64, Number 8 (January 2013) [PDF]


Contents of Volume 64, Number 8

  • Review of the Month: ‘Libor’ing Under the Market Illusion by Ramaa Vasudevan
  • Global Resource Depletion: Is Population the Problem? by Fred Magdoff
  • Introduction to Lettuce Wars: A Cab Ride for a Lawyer by Bruce Neuburger
  • Tadeusz Kowalik and the Accumulation of Capital by Jan Toporowski
  • Reprise: Capitalism and the Fallacy of Crude Underconsumptionism by Jonathan Penzner, Harry Magdoff and Paul M. Sweezy
  • Review: Repressing Social Movements by Tomás Mac Sheoin
  • Review: Whiteness as a Managerial System: Race and the Control of U.S. Labor by Joe R. Feagin
  • Review: The Psychology of Culture: Making Oppression Appear Normal by L. Richard Della Fave
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