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Love Song Written for the Monthly Review by Yip Harburg

This song was originally written for MR’s fifteenth anniversary in 1964. Yip revised and augmented it for the thirtieth anniversary in 1979. MR reprinted it in 1981, 1994 and 1996.

When I was a lad
     I wrote amorous ditties,
To Judy, Aleine, Edelina, and Sue,
But now that I’m gray
    I’ve abandoned those pretties,
I’m singing my songs to the Monthly Review.

For as you grow older
    You sometimes grow wiser
If brain cells are plenty
    And hormones are few
Why torture yourself with Elaine or Eliza
You’re safer by far with the Monthly Review.
    That most intellectual
    Slightly subsexual
    Marx will protect you all Monthly Review.

For fifteen long years
     I’ve perused and pursued her,
I’ve waited whole months
     For a sight of her, too
Whatever her mood
     I still wooed and renewed her
That beautiful, sensible Monthly Review.

I followed her madly
    From Vietnam to China
To Cuba, to Ghana, New Guinea, Peru,
I may have been faithless
    To my Edelina,
But not to that siren, the Monthly Review.
    That wise and effectively
    Spoken objectively
    Let’s love collectively Monthly Review.

Her light is the light
    In the eyes of all lovers,
Her voice is the sound
    Of a morning that’s new
I take her to bed
    And I find between covers
The comforting lines of my Monthly Review.

Her format is lovely,
   Her layout historic
Her foresight and hindsight
    Are beautiful too,
Forgive me for being
    So meta-euphoric
I swoon for my beautiful Monthly Review.
    That wholly reliable
    Vibrant and viable
    Tho F.B.I.-able Monthly Review.

So here’s to the goal
    Of her bold aspirations,
And may the great day
    Of her dream soon come true,
A lot more subscriptions
    A few more donations
Will speed the good health of the Monthly Review.

Oh bright be her journey,
    Her long road made easy,
And strong be the hearts
    Of her staff and her crew,
And blessed be her pilots
    Brave Magdoff and Sweezy
And all the fine friends of the Monthly Review.

And let us remember the Sybils, the Hubys,
    The Harrys and others who brighten this night,
We honor their courage, rejoice in their humor
    We sing in their spirit
We walk in their light.
    With their anti-insanity
    Free from all vanity
    Friend of humanity Monthly Review.

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