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A Nobel Prize for Mrs. Clinton

Published July 23, 2009

The never-ending document read yesterday by the Nobel Laureate Oscar Arias is much worse than the 7 points of the surrender paper he had proposed on July 18th.… | more |

The 30th Sandinista anniversary and the San José proposal

Published July 21, 2009

The coup d’état in Honduras, promoted by the far right-wing of the United States –which in Central America was maintaining the structure set up by Bush – and backed by the Department of State, was evolving poorly on account of the energetic resistance by the people.The criminal venture, condemned unanimously by world opinion and international bodies, could not be sustained.
The memory of atrocities committed during recent decades by the tyrannies that United States organized, instructed and armed in our hemisphere was still fresh.… | more |

What should be demanded from the United States

Published July 16, 2009

The meeting in Costa Rica didn’t, nor could it, lead to peace. The people of Honduras are not at war, it’s just the perpetrators of the coup who are using weapons against the people. One should demand that they cease their war against the people. That meeting between Zelaya and the coup was only good for discrediting the constitutional president and wearing away at the energies of the Honduran people.… | more |

The Coup Dies or Constitutions Die

Published July 10, 2009

The countries of Latin America were struggling against history’s worst financial crisis within relative institutional order.… | more |