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Monthly Review Volume 75, Number 7 (December 2023)

December 2023 (Volume 75, Number 7)

This month, the editors discuss the U.S. threat of a “new Opium War against China” found in the pages of the Air Force’s Journal of Indo-Pacific Affairs. In addition, MR affirms its solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle against genocide. | more…

New this week!
New this week!
Portrait of the Bourgeoisie (1939) by David Alfaro Siqueiros

Imperialist Propaganda and the Ideology of the Western Left Intelligentsia: From Anticommunism and Identity Politics to Democratic Illusions and Fascism

In this interview with Zhao Dingqi of World Socialism Studies, Gabriel Rockhill dives deep into the CIA’s campaign to propagate thinly veiled imperialist and capitalist ideology through the institutions of the Western left intelligentsia—and how this state of affairs continues among intellectuals to this day. | more…

Together banner carried during the May Day march in Warsaw (2022)

The Collapse of the New Polish Left

This article will be released in full online December 11, 2023.

Over the past decades, the left in Poland has found its political ambitions frustrated by an inability to connect with the general electorate, pushing the movement collectively toward dissolution. In this timely article, Damian Winczewski explores the shifting constellations attempting to revive Polish left. | more…

Monthly Review Volume 75, Number 6 (November 2023)

November 2023 (Volume 75, Number 6)

In 2022, China released its “Global Civilization Initiative,” a document enumerating China’s commitment to fostering diversity, equality, and cultural exchange. The editors analyze how the U.S. foreign policy community and media jumped to attack the initiative in the interest of defending U.S. imperial strategy around the globe. | more…

Integrated circuit on a microchip

What Do We Learn about Capitalism from Chip War?

Chip War (Simon and Schuster, 2022) by Chris Miller is a detailed accounting of the U.S. efforts to retain control of the computer chip industry—an industry that has become vital to nearly all aspects of modern life. Rahul Varman explores and expands on these themes, asking all the while: What can the escalating wars over this crucial technology teach us about global capitalism? | more…