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Samir Amin: September 3, 1931-August 12, 2018

Samir Amin

Samir Amin September 3, 1931-August 12, 2018.

Partial awareness emerges from particular struggles, for example, from the struggles of peasants or women for the defense of human commons or the struggle for respect of popular sovereignty. The progress of the convergence of these particular types of awareness would make it possible to advance towards the formulation of new ways to surpass capitalism. But note…increased awareness will not happen through successive adaptations to the requirements of capitalist accumulation, but through awareness of the necessity of breaking with those requirements. The most enlightened segments of the movement should not isolate themselves by brandishing their disdain for others. Rather, they should involve themselves in all struggles in order to help the others to advance their understanding.

—Samir Amin, “Reading Capital, Reading Historical Capitalisms,”
Monthly Review, July-August 2016, p. 148

We also recommend this tribute to Samir Amin on his 80th birthday from the October 2011 issue of Monthly Review by John Bellamy Foster: “Samir Amin at 80: An Introduction and Tribute.” We will publish a proper commemoration of our dear comrade, Samir, in an upcoming issue of Monthly Review.


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