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Monthly Review relies almost exclusively on the support or our readers, and the best way to show your support is by subscribing. We offer four types of subscriptions, each of which offers the further options of a one-time purchase or what are called “recurring” support. Recurring simply means that we will keep renewing your subscription (quarterly or annually) as long as we have current credit card data. It takes the worry and hassle out of renewal process and ensures that your subscription will never lapse.

The four types of subscriptions are:

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: The MR Associates program is nearly as old as Monthly Review itself and is crucial to the stability and growth of our organization. It’s also a terrific value. Associates receive a subscription to the magazine, one free book, and a 50 percent discount on nearly every book we publish. Associates come in three kinds:

  1. Basic Associate ($100 U.S./Canada/Mexico; $110 foreign) is a print edition membership (don’t worry, you’ll still be able to view restricted content on the web). These Associates receive a copy of the magazine mailed each month, one free book (print books must be chosen from a list of three, while ebooks may be any book), and a 50 percent discount on nearly any book we publish, whether print or electronic. Choose a one-time payment or set up a recurring renewal.
  2. The Pledge Associate program was created in response to readers’ requests to support our work automatically on a regular basis. Such support takes the form of quarterly recurring contributions ranging from $60 to $500. Pledge Associates receive all the benefits of basic Associates.
  3. E-Associate Subscribers receive an e-subscription, a free e-book (chosen from any ebook) and 50 percent off any ebook we publish. E-Associates may choose to make a recurring contribution, quarterly (E-Associate Quarterly) or annually (E-Associate Annual), or make a one-time payment (E-Associate 1-year).

BASIC SUBSCRIPTION: Basic subscribers ($39) receive the print edition, via mail, or an electronic subscription (you’ll also be able to view restricted content on the web).

ELECTRONIC SUBSCRIPTIONS: Those who wish to receive electronic access exclusively may choose either a basic e-sub ($23) or an e-Associate ($60).

GIFT SUBSCRIPTIONS: Don’t just keep the good news to yourself! Spread the work with a gift subscription either in print ($29 U.S./Canada/Mexico; $39 foreign) or electronic format ($19).

Institutional Subscriptions

Institutions: Please contact Monthly Review for rates.