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Gerald Horne: From a Jim Crow hospital to the American Book Award

Born in a Jim Crow hospital. Attended racially segregated “apartheid schools.” Grew up in the Mill Creek Valley neighborhood of St. Louis, an area similar to Tulsa’s Black Wall Street and home to several prominent Black businesses that were erased forever by racially motivated construction projects… | more…

Extraordinary Threat : The U.S. Empire, the Media, and Twenty Years of Coup Attempts in Venezuela

WATCH! MR Conversations: “Extraordinary Threat,” with Emersberger, Podur, Wilpert and Paez-Victor

In their new book “Extraordinary Threat,” Joe Emersberger and Justin Podur delve into the critical questions: What is the nature of Venezuela’s government? Is it a dictatorship? Are Venezuela’s problems due to misgovernment, or are they due to U.S. interference? What would happen if Venezuela fell to U.S. imperialism? How has the U.S. been able to get away with this? And above all: Taking Venezuela as a case study, how does regime change propaganda work?  | more…

Dissenting POWs: From Vietnam's Hoa Lo Prison to America Today

WATCH! MR Conversations: “Dissenting POWs,” with Wilber, Lembcke, Zeiger and Rothstein

The conversation begins with the story of Vivian Rothstein’s participation in a 1967 peace delegation to North Vietnam, and her encounter there with the Americans held at Hoa Lo Prison — the subject of ‘Dissenting POWs.’ One might think that that delegation’s visit to Hoa Lo Prison, and the dissent expressed by almost half of its POW inmates, would have been so controversial as to gain a fair amount of attention at the time…. | more…

Detail of a design by perri tomkiewicz and erin lux

Misogyny, memory, and the pathologization of dissent (Listen: Lembcke on “Warrior Nation;” Plus: “Dissenting POWs” reviewed in Counterpunch)

“Vietnam veterans were commonly portrayed in film and news reports as casualties of the war, their mission sold out on the home front and their homecoming marked by ingratitude and condemnation. Representations of POWs followed a similar path…It was trauma, not politics and conscience, that moved in-service resisters.” | more…

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