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Please take a moment to read this letter from Bob McChesney concerning the future of Monthly Review. We are counting on your support.

Dear Friend—

It is clear to us here at Monthly Review that we are entering increasingly precarious times—truly unprecedented in the nearly seven decades since the magazine began publication in 1949.

The governance of the nation is in the hands of a clique pursuing a frighteningly reactionary agenda —from neoliberal privatization schemes, to even more tax cuts for the rich, to the gutting of public services and dismantling of environmental, consumer, and labor regulations. All of this is combined with a suicidal embrace of mindless and insatiable militarism, along with a profound contempt for democratic practices and institutions.

But there is good news: recent months have seen a burst in activism, with emerging resistance to Trump and grassroots organizing around a myriad of progressive issues. We—not only MR, but the broad political left—are entering a new stage. Humanitarians, seeking justice and democracy invariably gravitate toward socialism, as capitalism shows itself more and more to be a hopelessly flawed and unsustainable system.

In times like these, Monthly Review’s importance increases exponentially.

Readers of MR know that the failings of capitalism did not begin with Donald Trump. For almost seventy years, MR and MR Press have sought to expose the deep injustices that make both U.S. and global capitalism a dead-end for humanity. While always alert to new popular movements and signs of resistance, have maintained a sober stance toward the near-term possibility of radical anti-capitalist social change in the United States.

In the past year alone, MR has published essays, interviews, and reviews on the assault on public education, the deepening climate catastrophe, the politics of immigration, and the historical roots of Trump’s neofascist policies—all from the magazine’s unique historical perspective, offering a depth of analysis lacking in most mainstream publications.

But this work, and our evolving efforts, through social media, to bring it to the growing audience that needs it most, require your urgent support. The coming months will decide whether we sink or swim. At a time of ever greater fragmentation in how information is reported and consumed, MR stands as an exception to the received wisdom that, to keep informed, we merely need more sound bites, numbered lists, and striking photo ops.

There is no better primer for our current moment than Monthly Review and MR Press. Every issue of the magazine is chock full of well-written, serious, yet accessible articles addressing the defining issues of the day. Every book we publish contributes new knowledge and insight to the fight for a more humane and equal world.

A year ago, we asked for your help to fund a temporary social media publicist position. It is clear to us now that we underestimated the effort needed. We need added resources and personnel. We can bring young people the tools to understand why the economy works the way it does, why our government fails to serve the people, why the environment is in crisis, and why banksters and bombers rule the nation, however our elections are arranged.

A voice that focuses on reaching activists, young and old, is vital, both to expanding the magazine’s reach, and to ensuring its place as a leading forum for independent socialist opinion, analysis, and scholarship.

Help us in this fight. Make a contribution now. Please click on the link below or write, as you have in the past, a generous check. We are counting on you.

In solidarity,

Robert W. McChesney

Throughout its history, Monthly Review has relied on the support of our readers. We have no deep pockets, no roster of big donors, no foundation support. We exist because our readers value and support our work. Please consider making a donation today. Use the form below to make a donation via Paypal, or send a check to Monthly Review, 134 W 29th, STE 706, New York, NY 10001. The Monthly Review Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; all donations are tax deductible.

You can also send a check to Monthly Review, 134 W 29th, STE 706, New York, NY 10001. The Monthly Review Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; all donations are tax deductible.

Note: If you would like to receive proof of your donation please let us know by including a note in the box labelled “Order notes” (under “Additional information”) on the Checkout page.


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