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Become a Monthly Review Associate

The Associates program is almost as old as Monthly Review itself. It grew out of the realization that the price of a subscription alone would not support the costs of publishing a monthly magazine. For unlike our commercial counterparts, Monthly Review receives virtually no income from advertising

From its modest beginnings, though, Associate membership had terrific potential. Members received a one-year subscription, a free book and a steep discount on MR Press books — a great bargain even though the fledgling MR Press had published only a handful of titles at the time. Of course its real value over the years has grown in a way that founders Paul and Leo could never have foreseen: the growth and ambition of MR Press. Over three hundred titles have been published to date many of which remain in print and may be purchased at a fifty-percent discount.

For more than fifty years, Monthly Review magazine and Monthly Review Press books have provided a unique blend of scholarship and activism, critical understanding and accessibility. By becoming a Monthly Review Associate, you contribute to the expansion and stability of our organization while receiving a great bargain. Benefits include:

  • a one-year subscription to Monthly Review
  • a fifty percent discount on all MR Press books and eBooks for a period of one year
  • one free book

It takes only a call, letter, or e-mail to get you started. Why not sign up today?