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Welcome to the New Monthly Review Website!

Dear Monthly Review Associate Members, subscribers and supporters,

We are happy to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website! We have made a number of significant changes in an effort to improve access to electronic content, streamline the subscription process, and simplify the checkout process. The following list summarizes the most significant changes to date—there will be many more to come in the new several months:

  • [IMPORTANT!] Current Associates & Subscribers with a Website Account: If you did not use your email as your username when you registered, your existing username will not work to login! We have depreciated all non-email usernames to simplify accounts so make sure to enter your registered email address into the username field when you login. If you are unsure which email address you used to register try the recover password tool to verify. As per usual, make sure to check junk mail when you initiate recover; to avoid this problem entirely, add our email address to your address book. Otherwise contact us (subscription inquiry) and we will either tell you which email we have on file or create a new account entirely.
  • All Subscribers & Associates: All Subscribers and Associates with an email on file have been given an account for this site. If you are not sure whether you have an account, try using the recover password tool first. If you cannot find your account, simply contact us (subscription inquiry) and we will set one up for you as soon as possible. Read more at our new account support page.
  • Associate Members: It is no longer necessary to use a coupon to get the 50% discount on MR Press books. Simply login (click here or the My Account link above) and any purchases you make will be discounted automatically.
  • Address Change: You can now change your mailing address at any time simply by logging in and visiting the Edit My Address page. Please note that address changes will not take effect until approximately one month after a change has been made. (To ensure your new address goes on file quickly update your information by the last week of the month prior to moving.)
  • Renewals: The renewal process has been streamlined to allow subscribers to renew at any time prior to expiration. If you renew early your subscription will be extended, and you can view your subscription status at any time by visiting the My Account page.
  • Order History: It is now possible to view your order history (unless your current email was different for a prior order). Login to view your order history.
  • eBooks: eBooks are no longer delivered in a single compressed file, but in two separate uncompressed files than can be downloaded directly on any given reading device. Read more about eBooks at our new eBook Support Page.