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Monthly Review Volume 2, Number 6 (October 1950) [PDF]


Contents of Volume 2, Number 6

  • Notes from the Editors
  • Foreword
  • The Education of a Socialist by F. O. Matthiessen
  • Of Crime and Punishment by F. O. Matthiessen
  • The Teacher by Leo Marx
  • The Making of an American Scholar by Bernard Bowron
  • American Renaissance by Henry Nash Smith
  • Labor and Political Activities by Paul M. Sweezy
  • Notes for a Character Study by John Rackliffe
  • Statements by Howard Baker, C. L. Barber, Barrows Dunham, Vincent R. Dunne, John Finch, Vittorio Gabrieli, R. M. Goodwin, Leo Hurvich, Alfred Kazin, Helen B. Knapp, Robert K. Lamb, Corliss Lamont, J. C. Levenson, Harry Levin, Helen Merrell Lynd, Rufus W. Mathewson Jr., Kenneth B. Murdoci, Laurette P. Murdock, Emily Knapp Pitkin, Ruth M. Putnam, Jaroslav Schejbal, May Sarton, Ernest J. Simmons, G. Robert Stange, Pete Steffens, Donald Ogden Stewart, J. H. Summers, Richard Wilbur, Ella Winter
  • A Preliminary Bibliography of F. O. Matthiessen
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