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Monthly Review Volume 5, Number 10 (February 1954) [PDF]


Contents of Volume 5, Number 10

  • Notes from the Editors
  • Review of the Month:
    • The Atomic Talks
    • The Beria Affair
  • The Intellectuals and The Left by Carl Dreher
  • The Situation in Britain: A Communication by An English Correspondent
  • Anti-Americanism in Europe by Alex Comfort
  • The Ominous Parallel by Martin Hall
  • The Promotion of International Trade: A Modest Proposal by A Special Correspondent
  • Contest
  • World Events by Scott Nearing
  • The Labor Movement: Get It and Get Out! by Arthur Eggleston
  • Cartoon by Fred Wright
  • The Irish Revolution: A Communication by Shaemas O’Sheel
  • Letters From A Visitor To China: Part 4 by Joan Robinson

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