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Monthly Review Volume 10, Number 3 (July-August 1958) [PDF]


Contents of Volume 10, Number 3

  • Notes from the Editors
  • Review of the Month: The Yugoslav Question Again
  • What Next in France? by F. G. Clarke
  • American Labor Today
    • American Labor in Mid-Passage by Bert Cochran
    • No More Class War? by Leo Huberman
    • Automation and Labor by William Glazier
    • A Note on Cultural Exploitation by Harvey Swados
    • The Condition of the Working Class by Paul M. Sweezy
    • The White Collar Worker by Douglas F. Dowd
    • Labor and Politics by Harry Braverman
    • The Negro and the Union: A Dialogue by Shubel Morgan
    • Books About American Labor by David Herreshoff

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