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Monthly Review Volume 43, Number 4 (September 1991) [PDF]


Contents of Volume 43, Number 4

  • Notes from the Editors
  • Review of the Month: Class and Race: Life and Death Situations by Vincente Navarro
  • The Colonization of East Germany by Dorothy Rosenberg
  • Who Died For Whose Way Of Life?: Reflections on the Burdens of Race by Daniel Barbezat and Alexander George
  • The Tendency of the Surplus to Rise, 1963–1988 by Michael Dawson and John Bellamy Foster
  • Correspondence:
    • Reply to Burbach and Painter by Adam Novák
    • Rejoinder to Novák by Roger Burback
  • Books: The Asian NICs at the Crossroads by Martin Hart-Landsberg

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