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Monthly Review Volume 48, Number 6 (November 1996) [PDF]


Contents of Volume 48, Number 6

  • Notes from the Editors
  • Review of the Month: Russian Workers Under Yeltsin’s Regime: Notes on a Class in Defeat by Vladimir Bilenkin
  • The Blessings of Private Enterprise by Michael Parenti
  • Whose History Is It? by Harvey J. Kaye
  • Reflections on the Recent Work of Sheila Rowbotham: Women’s Movements and Building Bridges by Vinay Bahl
  • Books:
    • Honest, Able, and Fearless by John Mage
    • Walter Reuther, “Social Unionist” by Martin Glaberman
    • Cuba’s Health Care System by Will Podmore
  • Birthday Song by E. Y. Harburg

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