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Monthly Review Volume 49, Number 6 (November 1997) [PDF]


Contents of Volume 49, Number 6

  • Notes from the Editors
  • Review of the Month: Why Marxism? by Daniel Singer
  • The Enemy of Nature by Joel Kovel
  • Cuban Health Care and the U.S. Embargo by Peter Schwab
  • Exchange:
    • A Critique of Tabb on Globalization by Richard B. Du Boff and Edward S. Herman
    • Contextualizing Globalization: Comments on Du Boff and Herman by William K. Tabb
    • A Note on Du Boff and Herman by Ellen Meiksins Wood
  • Books:
    • Belated Praise of Communist Party Activists by Jack Weston
    • The Truth From Palestine by Camille Goodison
    • The Rise and Fall of the “Politics of the African Diaspora” by Robert Shaffer

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