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Monthly Review Volume 54, Number 5 (October 2002) [PDF]


Contents of Volume 54, Number 5

  • Notes from the Editors
  • Review of the Month: Creating a Just Society: Lessons from Planning in the U.S.S.R. & the U.S. by Harry Magdoff interviewed by Huck Gutman
  • Punishment by Detail by Edward Said
  • Class, Economy, and the Second Intifada by Adam Hanieh
  • It’s Not a Post-Capitalist World, Nor is it a Post-Marxist One by John Bellamy Foster interviewed by Evrensel Kultur
  • Stop Abusing Cuban Children… And Their Doctors by W. T. Whitney, Jr.
  • Remembering Beadie Magdoff
  • Book Review: Echoing the Past, Sounding the Present by Kendall Grant Clark

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