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Monthly Review Volume 56, Number 9 (February 2005) [PDF]


Contents of Volume 56, Number 9

  • Notes from the Editors
  • Review of the Month: India, a Great Power? by Samir Amin
  • Out of Sight & Out of Mind: A New Oceanic Imperialism by Mike Skladany, Ben Belton, Rebecca Clausen
  • Malcom X: His Legacy
    1. The Achievement of Malcolm X by John J. Simon
    2. Interview with Malcolm X by Malcolm X interviewed by A. B. Spellman
    3. The Murder of Malcolm X by Jigs Gardner
  • A Cup of Tea, Summer of ’72 by Borzoo Nabet
  • Reviews:
    • Inspriation from Behind the Walls by Michael D. Yates
    • A Man for All Seasons by Percy Brazil
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