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Monthly Review Volume 65, Number 6 (November 2013) [PDF]


Contents of Volume 65, Number 6

  • Review of the Month: Twenty-First-Century Land Grabs: Accumulation by Agricultural Dispossession by Fred Magdoff
  • Britain’s Noxious History of Imperial Warfare by John Newsinger
  • Cambodian Political History: The Case of Pen Sovann by Luke Young
  • It’s the System Stupid: Structural Crises and the Need for Alternatives to Capitalism by Hans Despain
  • Review: Zionism, Imperialism, and Socialism by Tom Mayer
  • Review: Radical Internationalist Woman by Bernardine Dohrn
  • Review: More Powerful Than Dynamite: Explosive Storytelling Illuminates Our Present Moment by Joseph J. Varga
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