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Monthly Review Volume 66, Number 8 (January 2015) [PDF]


Volume 66, Number 8 Contents

  • “Pete Seeger, Socialist Songster: Introduction” by Amy Schrager Lang, John J. Simon
  • “Who Was This Pete Fellow?” by Holly Near
  • “Don’t Waste Any Time In Mourning” by Daniel Rosza Lang/Levitsky
  • “Friends and Neighbors: Remembering Pete Seeger and Camp Woodland” by Emily Paradise Achtenberg
  • “Pete Seeger, Musical Revolutionary” by Brett Clark, Scott Borchert
  • Reprise: “Possibility and Hope: Getting from Here to There” by Pete Seeger, Linda C. Forbes
  • “iCapitalism and the Cybertariat: Contradictions of the Digital Economy” by Ursula Huws
  • Reprise: “Voices of Socialism: Karl Marx” by Ralph Miliband
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