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Dear Friends,

Bernie Sanders is not only running the most progressive presidential campaign in recent memory; he’s moving an entire generation to the left. A recent poll by Harvard’s Institute of Politics reports that, because of the Sanders campaign, steadily increasing numbers of 18-to-29-year-olds now support issues such as equal access to education, women’s equality, and economic justice. And as these “millennials”—the largest generation in history—learn about “democratic socialism,” the result is a new, nation-wide support for working-class politics and for a more radical future.

Isn’t it obvious? The United States and the world are entering a turbulent new period in the wake of four disastrous decades of neoliberal rule. The old free-market shibboleths have collapsed, exposing an elite hell-bent on authoritarian control, jobless economies, and the flame-broiling of the planet. Anything can happen, as we face a broader range of political possibilities than has existed for decades.

This is actually good news for those of us on the left. But these times also portend danger if we are not prepared. Donald Trump is just a taste of the fascist winds swirling as the capitalist system continues its downward spiral.

This is the moment for which Monthly Review was created. Our job is to educate the new generation of millennials, who are now so receptive to socialism. We can demonstrate the power of a Marxist critique of the current political economy to point toward a more democratic, and socialist, future. That is what the magazine did for me and my generation in the 1960s and 1970s. That is what Monthly Review will do for countless young people in the years to come. 

In the past, getting the word out would have required huge organizations and vast amounts of money. Now, as the Sanders campaign has shown, social networking is able to reach—and politicize—generations of people, voters and nonvoters, alike. And as the swift growth in MR’s online readership attests, digital access is an increasingly indispensable option, especially for millennials.

This is where you can make a difference. 

We propose to use your donations to fund a temporary publicity effort with a highly focused aim: To promote Monthly Review and MR Press to millions of the newly radicalized. 

We hope that a vigorous, focused social media campaign can give young people the tools to understand why the economy works the way it does, why our government fails to serve the people, why the environment is in crisis, why the current “democracy” is a farce. 

Now more than ever, a voice reaching young people—and potential activists—is vital. There are no better primers than Monthly Review and MR Press, which provide independent socialist opinion, analysis, and scholarship. 

The need for Monthly Review, and for your support, has never been greater. Please make as large a donation as you can, so that we can do the important work before us.

—John Bellamy Foster

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