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Capitalism and Politics: Socialist Register 2023

The 59th annual volume of the Socialist Register examines the growth of corporate power and other important organizational trends in global capitalism. Rejecting such notions as “stakeholder capitalism,” it reviews the organization and strategies of unions and the left as it searches for new routes to socialism.


Adam Hanieh: World Oil: Contemporary Transformations in Ownership and Control

Nicolas Graham and William K. Carroll: Climate Breakdown: From Fossil Capitalism to Climate Capitalism (and Beyond?)

Rafeef Ziadah: Logistical Landscapes: Corporate Power and Capital in the Maritime Industry

Patrick Bond: Multilateralism at a Crossroads: Vaccine Apartheid, Climate Wars, Geopolitical Turmoil

Stephen F. Diamond: The ‘Corporate Governance’ Myth

Charmaine Chua and Spencer Cox: Battling the