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“A World Turned Upside Down?” Leo Panitch on WORT’s “A Public Affair”


Leo Panitch, editor, with Greg Albo, of the annual Socialist Register, joins Allen Ruff, host of “A Public Affair” on radio station WORT (89.9FM, Madison, WI) to talk about global capitalism and the state of our planet today, as reflected in the SR 2019: The World Turned Upside Down?

This 2019 edition of The Socialist Register poses overarching questions for the new period opened by the Trump election and the continued growth of right-wing nationalisms. Is there an unwinding of neoliberal globalization taking place, or will globalization continue to deepen, but still deny the free cross-border movement of labor? These questions are addressed through a series of essays that carefully map the national, class, racial, and gender dimensions of the state, capitalism, and progressive forces today.

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