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“An Important Book”: The Indian Express reviews “India After Naxalbari”

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India after Naxalbari: Unfinished History
384 pp, $27 pbk, ISBN 978-1-58367-706-3
By Bernard D’Mello

“This is an important book, not just because of its relevance to a challenging topic and set of concerns that sprawl across India and which continue to defy political solution. It is relevant not just because the focus of D’Mello’s work hits the headlines with regular intensity, with accounts of battles against the State (the latest is an incident in Dantewada in which a Doordarshan cameraman and three policemen were killed, and which was filmed by lighting assistant Mor Mukut Sharma) as well as coercive, oppressive measures by state governments and their agencies and the harm that befalls innocents caught between official power and the left-wing forces opposed to them….”

Read the review at The Indian Express

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