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Capitalism: to be “rejected, root and branch”–Michael Yates via Counterpunch


Michael D. Yates is the author of the recently released Can the Working Class Change the World? His essay, based on arguments made in Chapter 2 of his book (“Some Theoretical Considerations”), just appeared in Counterpunch:

“There is much discussion on the left about the connections and relative importance of class, race, gender, and the environment. Some, like political scientist Adolph Reed, take a class-first approach and criticize those who place an emphasis on race and gender as engaging in an identity politics that often shades into support for the neoliberalism that has wreaked havoc on working people for the past several decades. Others, like Robin D.G. Kelley and Gerald Horne, maintain that capitalism has, from its inception, been racialized, so that we cannot speak of capitalism alone but must add that it has always been a racial capitalism….”

Read the article at Counterpunch

Truthout has also published excerpts of Yates’s book

Can the Working Class Change the World?

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