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“Clever Corporate Criticism of U.S. Schools” — Gerald Coles in New Politics


Gerald Coles, author of Miseducating for the Global Economy: How Corporate Power Damages Education and Subverts Students’ Futures, is known for his work in literacy education and disabilities. Here, in in a guest blog for New Politics, Coles describes capitalism’s love/hate relationship with public education:

“U.S. capitalism has a hate-love relationship with the nation’s schools. On the ‘hate’ side is a stream of complaints from business leaders and organizations about the many students, particularly in city schools, who fail grade-level achievement tests, are high school dropouts or, if they complete high school, do not have the academic qualifications for college and advanced-skills education. Given these educational failings, how will the nation’s economic system obtain the workforce needed for the 21st century economy?…”

Read the full article at New Politics

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