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International Socialist Review thinks “India After Naxalbari” = required reading


India after Naxalbari: Unfinished History
384 pp, $27 pbk, ISBN 978-1-58367-706-3
By Bernard D’Mello

Reviewed by Samantha Agarwal

“The success of a counter-hegemonic challenge to Hindu authoritarian rule in India will require a critical assessment of the successes and failures of the nation’s left forces, including the Maoist movement. The release of Bernard D’Mello’s India After Naxalbari could not be better timed. D’Mello’s tour de force is both a history of modern India and its ‘rotten liberal democracy,’ including the left’s challenge to it, and a fine-grained look at India’s Maoist movement. It combines a sharp historical account with critical analysis, along with some original theoretical insights….”

Read the review at International Socialist Review (issue #112)

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