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Launching The Michael Tigar Papers: September 20, University of Texas at Austin

September 20, 2018
4–8:30 p.m.
University of Texas at Austin School of Law
Austin, TX 78705

Michael E. Tigar is a renowned human rights attorney and author of over a dozen books, including the forthcoming Mythologies of State and Monopoly Power. The University of Texas at Austin has archived thousands of Tigar‘s documents, photographs, and creative works, as well as video oral histories, which are scheduled to go digital. Come for the 9/20 website launch — Stay for:
§ a roundtable discussion among people such as Fernando Chávez, Bernardine Dohrn, Robin Mardemootoo, Wayne Reaud, and Jordan Steiker, who have worked with Tigar in a variety of contexts;
§ a staged reading of an excerpt from one of Tigar’s plays; and
§ a one-on-one interview with Tigar, conducted by Lois Romano.

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For more information, visit the University of Texas at Austin

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