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Michael Tigar recounts the story of Terry Nichols (Listen: For the Defense)


Sensing Injustice:
A Lawyer’s Life in the Battle for Change
512 pages/ $29 / 978-1-58367-920-3
By Michael Tigar

Federal criminal defense attorney David Oscar Markus periodically interviews famed trial lawyers about their most fascinating cases for his podcast, “For the Defense.” This week, he featured Michael Tigar, published several times by Monthly Review.

Markus introduces the episode: “Michael Tigar is exactly what action is all about… I mean, in 1999 there was a vote for lawyer of the century: Clarence Darrow was #1, Thurgood Marshall was #2, and you know who was #3? Michael Tigar.” Now if you read his long awaited memoir Sensing Injustice, just about to be released by Monthly Review Press, you’ll know that Tigar readily admits he’d rather be #1. But who says he isn’t? For more of the story, listen below, or at “For the Defense.”


Sensing Injustice: A Lawyer's Life in the Battle for Change

Commentary, Monthly Review Press
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