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Michael Heinrich: The Actuality Of Marx’s Communism


Michael Heinrich, renowned Marxist scholar and author, most recently, of Karl Marx and the Birth of Modern Society: The Life of Marx and the Development of His Work (Volume I: 1818-1841), recently gave a public lecture at the Centre for Applied Philosophy, Politics and Ethics (CAPPE) at the University of Brighton.

“There is no doubt that communism was Karl Marx’s political goal. Nonetheless, he never published a book or an article with a clear and extensive demonstration of what communism means. In the 20th century, we can find a number of different approaches that claim to articulate alternative social systems that follow from Marx’s ideas. These approaches range from central planning by a ‘socialist’ state to ‘socialist market economy’….”

Watch, below, on at Union for Radical Political Economics, URPE

Karl Marx and the Birth of Modern Society

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