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New York City Monthly Review Office Closure

Dear Friends,

The Monthly Review office in New York City is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We strongly urge you to email our office rather than call, during this period.

  • For Monthly Review Press marketing and publicity: mrpress [at]
  • For Monthly Review Magazine editorial matters: mrmag [at]
  • For subscriptions and book orders: mrsub [at]
  • For all other matters, please use our contact form.
  • Bookstores should contact our distributor, New York University Press: orders [at] | (800) 996-6987 or (212) 998-2575.

A note to Monthly Review subscribers and Monthly Review Press customers

We know that some of you are not receiving your magazines or book orders as quickly as usual. International shutdowns in mail due to COVID-19 combined with a slowdown of mail processing at the U.S. Postal Service has had implications for everyone, and Monthly Review is no exception. Customers have reported that their issues and orders are often delayed by a matter of weeks, and some international subscribers have been waiting as long as two months. More mail is being lost or mistakenly returned to us.

Rest assured that we at Monthly Review are sending out your magazines and books in a timely fashion, and we are keeping an eye on the mail situation. We are here to answer any questions and to send replacements when needed. The best way to reach our Subscription Manager is by email at mrsub [at], or if necessary, leaving a voicemail at (212) 691-2555, ext. 100.

In the meantime, you can assist us by always keeping your mailing address up to date. Contact our Subscription Manager (mrsub [at] or log into at the My Account page. (Address changes will take effect with the following issue.)

All subscribers have digital access to the Monthly Review archives where PDF versions of  the latest issue can be downloaded. For access instructions, visit to your My Account page.

Thanks for your patience as we navigate through this challenging time!

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