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Paul Burkett on Kohei Saito’s Karl Marx’s Ecosocialism, via Climate & Capitalism


Karl Marx’s Ecosocialism: Capital, Nature, and the Unfinished Critique of Political Economy
308 pp; $29 pbk, ISBN 9781583676400
By Kohei Saito

Considered, for Climate and Capitalism, by Paul Burkett

Introduced by Ian Angus:

“In a recent C&C article, ‘Essential Books on Marxism and Ecology,’ I identified two books, Marx and Nature by Paul Burkett, and Marx’s Ecology by John Bellamy Foster, as foundational contributions to our understanding of Marx’s views on the relationship between society and nature…. ¶ Those important books are now joined by a third work from Kohei Saito, an associate professor at Osaka City University. Saito has been deeply involved in editing Marx’s previously unpublished notebooks for the massive new Marx-Engels Gesamtausgabe, and his work on that project is the basis of his extension and deepening of the work begun by Burkett and Foster… ¶ Given the importance of this research, we were very pleased to receive Paul Burkett’s notes on Karl Marx’s Ecosocialism….”

Read Paul Burkett‘s notes on Karl Marx’s Ecosocialism

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