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Promjena okvira: Reframing John Bellamy Foster on SkriptaTV, Croatia


For episode #51 of Promjena okvira (“Reframing”), Martin Beroš, Karolina Hrga and Luka Matić spoke with Marxist ecologist John Bellamy Foster, professor of sociology at the University of Oregon, editor of the independent socialist magazine Monthly Review, and author of numerous studies, including the recent major work The Return of Nature: Socialism and Ecology. The interview was recorded online in August 2020. Promjena okvira is produced by the portal Slobodni Filozofski and its video-addendum SkriptaTV, and this episode was first aired on August 19th 2020 on the Croatian regional television KanalRi from Rijeka. All episodes that have so far been published online are available on this playlist.

Monthly Review Press
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