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“Reconstructing Lenin” beyond the lies and distortions: LeftEast interviews Tamás Krausz


Tamás Krausz, author of Reconstructing Lenin: An Intellectual Biography, recently talked to Alex Anfruns of LeftEast about the premise of Krausz’s book, which asserts that Vladimir Lenin’s theoretical and political legacy is of real interest to today’s political left–and that only after the disappearance of the USSR can we better understand Lenin’s thought and actions…

Tamás Krausz: Between 1895 and 1916 Lenin analyzed the fundamental characteristics of Russian and world capitalism on a historical and theoretical level. As far as the essence of his historical analysis is concerned, he understood – and in a way that is valid even today – the main characteristics of Russian historical development as – using G. Arrighi’s term – the semi-periphery of the world system. Russia incorporated at the same time almost all the contradictions of the latter….”

Read the entire interview at LeftEast

Reconstructing Lenin: An Intellectual Biography

Monthly Review Press
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