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September 17: Howard Waitzkin comes to Portland, Maine with Health Care Under the Knife


Join Dr. Howard Waitzkin in a discussion of his latest book, Healthcare Under the Knife: Moving Beyond Capitalism for Our Health

1:00pm – 3:00pm
Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shops
49 Exchange Street
Portland, ME 04101

As a lifelong activist, Howard Waitzkin has worked for single-payer national health programs in the United States and Latin America; local community and worker control for accessible health services; civilian health and mental health services for active duty military personnel in the struggle for peace; and policies to improve the social, political, and economic determinants of illness and early death. Health Care Under the Knife is comprised of individual essays addressing the ‘medical industrial complex,’ the impact of privatization and cutbacks under neoliberalism, the nature of health-care work, and the intersections between health care and imperialism, both historically and at present.

For more information, visit the event on Sherman’s Maine Coast Book Shops or on Facebook

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