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Socialism and the Failures of Capitalism: Counterpunch on SR 2020’s “Beyond Market Dystopia”


Socialist Register 2020: Beyond Market Dystopia: New Ways of Living
320 pp, $29 pbk, ISBN 978-1-58367-843-5
Edited by Greg Albo and Leo Panitch

Reviewed by Eve Ottenberg

“To define a workable socialism, it’s best first to lay out what’s wrong with capitalism. Nancy Fraser’s excellent essay in Beyond Market Dystopia does just this, and these wrongs are three: injustice, irrationality and unfreedom. Injustice inheres in the exploitation of labor and theft of its surplus value. Irrationality exists in capitalism’s built-in economic crises. Unfreedom derives from social inequality and class power and also from tyranny in the work-place….”

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