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The 2018 Socialist Register: Rethinking Democracy launches


On February 15, 2018, in Toronto, editor Leo Panitch moderated a panel discussion with four of the contributors to Rethinking Democracy, the latest edition of the Socialist Register. This 2018 volume was conceived as a companion to the 2017 SR, Rethinking Revolution. Central to both volumes, and to this discussion, is the premise that no revival of socialist politics in the twenty-first century can occur apart from founding radical new democratic institutions and practices.

Watch below; visit Socialist Project; or click on individual participants’ names:

Introduced by Leo Panitch. Other presentations follow (click on speakers’ names to hear their presentations):

Dennis Pilon – Associate Professor, Department of Politics, York University, Toronto
Ian McKay – L.R. Wilson Chair in Canadian History at McMaster University
Jodi Dean – Donald R. Harter ’39 Professor of Humanities and Social Sciences at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, New York
Greg Albo – co-editor of the Socialist Register

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