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The Fault in Our SARS in the news

As usual Rob Wallace has made the media rounds, this time with his latest book, The Fault in Our SARS. Listen and watch below! You can start by listening at Labor in the Wilderness, and looking at some new science (about the best Marxist epidemiology as one will ever find). We recommend you check out articles referring to the book at Counterfire, the East Asia Forum, Socialist Worker, and Tricontinental, and read the article over at In the Library with the Lead Pipe:

Dominant COVID Narratives and Implications for Information Literacy Education in the “Post-Pandemic” United States

But if you’d rather watch, see some of the latest discussions over at The People’s CDC, and then head to…

This is Hell:

Public Health Pulse podcast with Rita Valenti:

Book talk at The People’s Forum:


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