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UK’s Observer points to Rob Wallace’s book & wonders: “Is factory farming to blame for coronavirus?”


Science journalist Laura Spinney recently wrote an article for The Observer, asking where the coronavirus might have originated. To get some answers, she relied on Rob Wallace‘s Big Farms Make Big Flu

“[I]f you want to understand why this pandemic happened now and not, say, 20 years ago–since Chinese people’s taste for what we in the west consider exotic fare is not new–you have to include a number of other factors. ‘We can blame the object–the virus, the cultural practice–but causality extends out into the relationships between people and ecology,’ says evolutionary biologist Rob Wallace of the Agroecology and Rural Economics Research Corps in St Paul, Minnesota….”

Read Laura Spinney’s article at The Observer/The Guardian, or on Laura’s blog

Big Farms Make Big Flu

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