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Via Truthout: “Protect the Dreamers, but Don’t Fall for an E-Verify ‘Compromise’”


David L. Wilson, author, with Jane Guskin, of The Politics of Immigration: Questions and Answers (2d ed.), has noticed that a universal E-Verify requirement may be yet another way for big business to reap huge profits on the backs of immigrants:

“E-Verify is back on the political agenda. ¶ For years, politicians have wanted to force all of the country’s 7.7 million private employers to check new hires against this online system–which compares employees’ documents with government databases in order to catch immigrants without work authorization–but so far, the efforts to impose a universal E-Verify requirement have failed. Now the idea has been given new life by a tentative agreement that President Trump and Democratic leaders made on September 13 to promote legislation protecting the immigrants previously covered by President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)….”

Read Wilson’s article at Truthout

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